What to expect when visiting Venga

from the 19th July 2021


It’s no longer compulsory to ask guests to remain seated so you are free to roam around our venue as you please.

Some will prefer to come and go as they wish, others may wish to ensure they have a table reserved for the evening.

You can still click the button below, select your date and time, section of Venga you wish to reserve and how long you want your table for.

It’s no longer compulsory to wear a facemask. Front of house staff approaching tables may well still choose to do so, that’s their choice and we support that fully.


Food and drink may now be ordered at the BARS.

Full, formal table service will be replaced with a more casual and relaxed mode of service as it was before the pandemic. Naturally our team will serve the food to your table and clear away empty glasses and plates, but you are no longer tied to your chairs so feel free to approach the bars to order!

We are happy to discuss individual requirements in person, including group bookings, larger tables and parties.

As ever, we appreciate your patience and support while we adapt to yet another new world, and way of working.

Looking forward to seeing you!